Competition ideas?
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Author:  Cogglesz [ Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Competition ideas?

Some good photoshop artists would be killer, maybe more social media promo? I'd love to get more people involved.

There are so many amazing editors and animators we could comission to make some music videos for lead mixes etc? even a trailer would be dope. We have to think out the box since i reckon most fans just check music on streaming sites now a days.

Any chance we could release the next competition to spotify and itunes? Im looking to do that with some videogame music but i feel we'd have a chance. i bought an old CD thinking it was all prodigy but it was just a load of covers and sold in shops like HMV. surely bigger promotion and listeners could bring alot of good to the community.

I think expanding is key, We should all discuss this more even over facebook and the like. I'd love as many fans involved as possible, nothing but passion and adrenaline should go into it as it has always been, Just its tougher times for us now i feel.

Edit: i feel with getting our album on to spotify or itunes and the likes would boost bk's growth a bit or atleast raise awareness, we need to adapt and grow

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