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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 6:29 pm
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What's up, warriors! Smokey here, the off and on poster around here for over 15 years. Last week, I came up with this idea that may he hugely popular here or may not, but figured I'd throw it out there and see what you all think.

First off: If this is the wrong section to put this, please move it to where it fits best!

Basically, I've gotten pretty cool with an artist in the states who does a lot of bands/artists paintings, many on commission. I reached out to him because I'm interested in him doing several 12x24s of Liam/Maxim/Keith. I offered to allow prints of whatever he did because I know how many loyal Prodigy fans are out there and may want a copy too.

He said he really can't do professional prints of those but can of the full canvas paintings. Those are 24x30 and can be made into prints. The prints can be as limited as we'd want. The cost of an original is steep due to the size and amount of work: $900. This is where I thought of an idea:

Could we get a number of Prodigy faithful to commit to purchasing a limited print run (signed + numbered....shipping would ideally be included in cost). All who purchase will be entered once to win the original canvas. I would recuse myself being that I'm organizing this (meaning: I CAN'T WIN). We could even live stream the winner drawing. My thought is: what if we did that and once all costs are covered ($900 + shipping costs), 100% of proceeds go on behalf of us and the artist towards our Suicide Prevention/Hotline/Awareness cause of our agreed upon choosing?

Rough estimates are if we got 250 commits, we'd limit the print run to 250 and raise over $5,000 for our cause of choice. I can get better estimates again if enough people are interested.

The artist is Nate Michaels:

And here are some examples taken from his Instagram page of his incredible work:

Image Image Image Image ImageImageImage

And here's how the original + print concept works:


I brought up the idea already to him and had his heart set for awhile in doing the following photos but again, we can ask for any picture we want. He wanted to focus on Keith because the focus would be on raising money for suicide prevention/awareness.

Image Image Image

Directly quoting him:

"I’ve had those pics saved for subject photos. I’d want to make it really wild with colors. Beautifully intense. I love the one w Stars & Stripes"

So with all of that....Thoughts? Bad idea? Something we could work on? I'm just extra willing to try something like this now when the current pandemic is causing a worldwide spike in suicides. I thought this would be a great way to help out anyway I/We can.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to input!

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