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MAZ's SOUND TOOLS - scene sound-software site since 1995.. ultimate collection of trackers / players / mp3 encoders / soft synths / instruments / sample editors / CD grabbers / File Rippers / File Converters.. etc.. etc.. one stop download spot for 'em all..

MODPLUG CENTRAL - tracker scene website, song downloads, ever helpful forums for newbies

VIRTUAL DRUM MACHINES - damn nice collection of oldskool drum machines, emulated as flash / shockwave plugins.. good for sampling..

AT&T LABS RESEARCH - TEXT TO SPEECH SYNTHESIS - ideal for creating eeringly real / yet synthetic vocals for ya deep hypnotic techno freakiness.. plug in the words ya want, select the voice / gender / accent.. and *PING!* freshly cooked vox..
Very cool tracker. MadTracker is the advanced version of FastTracker.
Renoise is a great new tracker which is easy to use. "It is the best tracker I have used". -djlectro
The purpose of this site is to provide free drum loops and free drum samples to all musicians in the cleanest format possible.
lots of good acoustic drumloops
here you will find a variety of samples, vut mostly drum loops
55 drum loops in mp3 format.
acustic "one shot" drums, samples from old great drum machines.

then click on download section and you are in :-)
acapellas are in RM format :-(

Thanks a lot to Rastropchuk, Spoz and DJ'Lectro for the info and links.

Audio Software
Bomeís Midi Keyboard: an useful tool for those who canít afford a MIDI keyboard, it letís you play a synth from your PC keyboard.

Propellerheads: one of the most popular music production software developers, made programs like Reason or Recycle

Steinberg: Top quality audio programs.

Freeware VSTís: Free plugins for your audio software:

Music Production Forums
Dogs on Acid Grid: the world largest dance music community, mainly drum & bass the worlds top producers post there. Must-know.
The Grid (the main production forum):
The Grid FAQ (huge linkbase for shitloads of info): quite useful forums, lot of links to other sites:<br>
Synthvox: an electronic music forum which focuses on computer based music production. You will also find 20 FREE loops each month, remix competitions, free promotional tools, and great people from all over the globe:

Inta-audio music forums: Midi, Soundcards, Keyboards, Pro-audio: forums: check it out, canít go wrong:

Drum n bass drumming: for those who are interested in playing live dnb drums:

Sounddesign, Mastering, Production Sites, Guides & Tutorials
------------------------------------------------------------ good info Ďbout production in general and studio equipment

Sound design basics: A good overview and a starting point about understanding sound design, synthetizing etc.:

Synthzone: Good place to get some hardware gear info:

An interesting homepage which has some good music related articles, inluding how to make own music instruments:

Advanced modular synthetizer programming guide: hella lot of info here about synthetising:

Paradox jungle tutorials:

Tutorials on MIDI and music synthesis:

SAE: Reference material about audio recording, soundengineering and stuff like that:

SPINWARP.COM: a free resource for all producers of electronic music, from wide-eyed beginners to jaded professionals:

Dnbproduction: A starting site for drum&bass production, give it a shot, they have a good IRC channel @ eFnet #dnbproduction:

Sound-on-sound: You fuckiní donít know bout this??? Check it out right now, the worlds most professional production magazine on-line!

Good FAQ, and some other links, unfortunately the site is under construction for a long time;

Reasonfreaks: not only for Reason users, refills, tutorials, articles:

Professional sound design guide by Dik J. Hermesand Maxim Schram, more than you can imagine:

Paradoxís EQ & mastering tutorial: Superb article series about Eqing and mastering music in general.

Dub bass: interesting production tips not only for Dub music:


More samples than you will ever need in your lifetime, huge sample links archive here:

Music theory & instruments

The piano education page: wanna learn how to play a piano?: learn, bitch:


Got a mindlock and lost your creativity? Find some funny shit here, that can help you out:

Bibliography on synthesizers, Midi, Computer and Electronic Music: some books that you might want to read:

Tutorials: Nearly 100 different and very useful tutorials on PC music:

Thanks to [SEAL] for those links