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As a youngster, Leeroy into punk music, thanks to his big sister's fascination with The Buzzcocks, The Clash, etc. He also went through a mod phase. Electrician/handyman Leeroy spent his spare time at raves in Essex during the early 90s. It was here he met Keith, and the two became known as a little 'double-act', both with unique dancing styles. He picked up his dancing skills through being a fan of James Brown and similar related acts. Leeroy, possibly the least known member of the main four, happens to be the most crucial member to the Prodigy's existance, says Liam. His first ever solo work - the Dreamer EP - was released back in 1996 on limited edition vinyl. The title track has since found its way to the internet, via The Earthbound Network. He currently sports a chin-stud and is very tall indeed! He is the only member of the band who likes soccer. Although the band are Playstation addicts, Leeroy must certainly be the one with the most well-worn thumbs! Leeroy Thornhill is the quick footed, fast dancing phenomenon of The Prodigy. He has got some mad skillz when it comes to dancing. He picked up a lot of great moves from James Brown. He'd listen and watch James Brown in action 'til the cows came home, and eventually he'd have his own kind of dance. Although most of his great moves aren't seen in any of the latest videos released by Prodigy, they were showed in earlier videos such as Everybody In the Place and No Good. His unorthodox method of dancing can also be seen while performing live.

Leeroy had enough of staying in the background, and being prominent only on stage, so he started to work on his own and record some solo material. He has only released one EP called Dreamers under the pseudonym The Longman (referring to his height of about 2 meters). The single contains the following tracks: Dreamers, The Suspect, The Smoker, Rock It. The following excerpt is from a MixMag article: ”He also provided a track for Kris Needs’ ’Needs Must’ compilation and laid down a remix for fellow Essex ravers Shades of Rhythm.

Backstage in Belgium, Leeroy plays a few new tracks that he’s been working on. A fusion of breakbeat, electro and deep house, The Longman material follows a direct line through Leeroy’s rave roots and back to the funk. ”People tend to think of me as the dancer,” he says. ”They forget that I’m the only other member of the Prodigy that’s played keyboards on stage. I used to do ’Rock n’ Roll’ mid set so Liam could take a break. At one point he used to play percussion while I played keyboards.””


As the group prankster, Leeroy often plays cruel tricks on his fellow Prodigarians. One night. However, after drinking very heavily, the other members were able to gain revenge on his endless stories and locking-out incidents. With a video camera rolling, they stripped him, spun him on the floor, poured liquid on him and tormented him while he had no means to fight back.

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