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  Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam (NL)


  Well it was all at the Revolution party in Amsterdam. First they took my digital camera. We came in, some intro music played, and waited. Then a DJ started playing some tekno with breakbeats on it, was ok. Then a group called “Chicks on Speed” performed on the mainstage. I rather call them “Chicks on LSD”. They were insane, and the music was crap, a big laughter! Then a DJ started playing again, and we were losing our patience! It was 8 years for me since I saw them at the Pinkpop festival!

At last 0.30 am. The Prodigy!!!!

Liam came up, with Jim Davies and the drummer. Liam did some soundchecking 1st, as usual.

01 Wake Up!
Back on tour, Maxim and Keith joins on the stage performing the lyrics, people started jumping, screaming and dancing!
02 Their Law
What can I say, one of the best (live) tracks ever! Middlefingers raised and jump, jump ,jump!
03 Warning
Well Keith and Liam are getting the hang on this one. Improvement since their 1st one in Athens! There is a better intermezzo with some more and heavier breakbeats! Only I could not hear Keith singing that good. I know the lyrics, but many people did not hear them L.
04 Spitfire
One of the best on their latest album, and live also an amazing experience! Maxim and Keith on vocals, better then the album version I say. 05 Breathe
Best duet ever by Keith and Maxim, they fill in each other perfect, and the crowd…………….going MAD!
06 Girls, remixed Girls, More Girls
“For all the ladies in the house”: and there were some hot girls in the Heineken Music Hall :P
07 Medusa’s Path
Time for relaxation and a cigarette break, or joints (Amsterdam ;) ) Liam alone on stage, and the scream sample is so cool.
08 Hotride
The Prodigy have learned from their previous gigs. The sound sample of Juliette Lewes was louder then Keith’s singing. He did sing along, however not that loud and not in the beginning of the track.
09 A new track
Ausum track track real fast! With Keith and Maxim on vocals together!
10 The Way It Is
“That’s just the way it is…………That’s just they way we are”: Maxim expressed his philosophy.
11 Back to school
Unfamiliar to me, new track, and indeed oldstyle. Heavy real fast breakbeats,
12 Firestarter
I did not expect to see the moves Keith does in the video. But he did it again! Keith old? In years maybe, not in his mind.
They paused, the Prodigy just chatted round the Jam of Liam. Real cool, keeping the temptation up!
13 Mindfields
It is a thriller track, and when Maxim said: “I walk on mindfields, ergh!” Most children would start to cry! He’s such a cool MC They all went backstage, but the lights were still on So…………………:P
14 Poison (hyperspeed remix)
At first just “Bring me the Poison!” but then…….faster, heavier, faster, heavier……..
15 Smack my Bitch Up
le grande finale!

Keith and Maxim applaused to us, we to them. They went backstage. Then Liam slowly turned his sounds of and also thanked us! A technician turned the base of definetely.

Well 2 new tracks on it: Back to School and another unfamiliar one (new album?). However, hard to hear Maxim and Keith on vocals when you are 5 meters from stage and boxsets! The tracks are real good anyway. Fast, extremely fast! Most satisfying of the gig for me was to see some dancing of Keith. An inspiration for my moves and to all of us. I did not thought about Leeroy during the Gig. There was some room to dance, not like in an outdoor gig! I felt that breakbeats are still hot! And it continued! 2.00 am
The Freestylers DJ-set
Well they started with my favourite track of The Prodigy: Out of Space! I am ET after all. They took some samples of the part of the lyrics and then some heavy breakbeats. So one Experience track after all!

Then they did some other DJ’ing with samples of other artists. Some old school HipHop, some new shit, and of course the promotion of their latest album: “Raw as Fuck”. After 2 ½ hours of Freestylers a dutch DJ performed (modern) tekno: Joris Voorn. It all lasted till 7 am. For the complete line-up go to the Revolution’s official site!

Hope to see The Prodigy soon again, when they are hopefully going to tour in Europes next festivalseason!

Greetings ET