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Although referred as 'Keeti' by the rest of the band. It is not a good idea to call him by his real name (Keith Palmer), should you ever meet him! The only member of the original line-up to come from a place other than Braintree. He is the MC that revs up the crowd by yelling extremely loud, rude and crude. He shares the act of singing with Keith, as they are the two singers of Prodigy. You'll know it's Maxim if he's wearing a metal glove, a kilt, and blue contacts. He also tends to kick high and hop around in his phase of revving. And he also yells out "Come on!" and "Yeah!" as attention getters, and attention he gets. Maxim was a member of a reggae outfit ("Maxim Reality and Sheik Yan Groove") shortly before he joined The Prodigy, although he had been into numerous scenes in his native town of Peterborough, such as ska/2-Tone and hip-hop/breakdancing. The last person to join the Prodigy for their first ever gig, the idea to have an MC was Liam's, having seen most rave outfits doing the same. Maxim was assigned to The Prodigy by former manager Ziggy. During their first gig, Liam wasn't entirely happy with the way Maxim rapped - sure, they got a rapterous reception (previous acts at the venue had been bottled off), but Liam asked Maxim to tone down the reggae-style he was used to. Maxim's current stage image consists of a pair of 'evil' contact-lenses, a metal armour glove, a dressing gown and even a skirt! He is currently writing a solo album which he hopes to get out before the end of year 1998, and "some how, Leeroy will be on it".

The transformation takes place gradually as I get changed. But itís totally different personality. MAXIM

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