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September 11th, 2000

XL Recordings:
XLT-121 cde (CD)

1 03:39 - Scheming (Radio mix)
2 03:45 - Prism
3 04:24 - Scheming (Blood of Abraham Remix)
4 05:47 - Scheming (Zed Bias Remix)
5 05:07 - Scheming (Instrumental) (Original mix)
6 02:49 - Scheming (King Cheetah more Sabiva mix)

XL Recordings:
XLT 121 CD (CD)

1 03:39 - Scheming (Radio mix)
2 04:24 - Scheming (Blood of Abraham Remix)
3 03:45 - Prism

XL Recordings:
XLT 121 CD2 (CD)

1 05:47 - Scheming (Zed Bias Remix)
2 05:07 - Scheming (Instrumental) (Original mix)
3 02:49 - Scheming (King Cheetah more Sabiva mix)

Features Trina Allen (Maxims cusine) on vocals

Features Maxim on vocals. Prism is a very dark track with heavy guitar riffs and hard drums.

Scheming (Blood of Abraham Remix):
Not really that difrent than the original version. though it contains some cool vinyl scratsh, and some xtra vocals (from the vinyl):
"I'm not even sorry, about you beeing sorry"

Scheming (Zed Bias Remix):
Kinda Drum 'n bass Remix of Scheming. Very cool.
I was thrilled the first time i heard the promo of it.

Scheming (Instrumental) (Original mix):
Speaks for it self, doesn't it...

Scheming (King Cheetah more Sabiva mix):
Bizarre punk version of the original. It has Robert Mune on vocals and guitar, Garvin J. on bass, and Simon Hancock on the drums

The official website (http://www.kingcheetah.org/) of King Cheetah repports:

"King Cheetah are set to appear on the new single from the Prodigys' Maxim! A "really fucked-up punk version" of the A side, 'Scheming' can be found on CD2 of the release, which is due out on September 11th. Recorded at Mark Angelo studios in London, the track is a complete contrast to the dance-orientated original, which features Maxims cousin on vocals. "The most intense recording we've done so far, and the first which manages to come close to the live sound of the band", says Gavin J. "The three of us just ripped through it, with everything full volume and up in the red, Rob just screaming away like his throat's on fire." The track came about simlpy as a "right time, right place situation", Maxim having heard an early King Cheetah demo and deciding they were the right boys for the job. "It was great fun," adds Gavin, " and I'm a big fan of the Prodigy anyway, so we're really pleased with the way it all came out. Not sure what all the electronica fans are gonna make of it, though!" The band did some additional recording work with Maxim, which "may or may not" see the light of day. Watch this space!"