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  "The Prodigy covered a Madness song "Night Boat To Cairo". It features a live trombone player and it all sounds "ska style". I think the name is live Tonite.... and TWO other brand new songs (not Trigger and Nuclear) one was very techno/rap with maxim on vocals (Keith wasnt on stage at all) and the other was very old school "experience" style... it was excellent of course. They never had the army march intro or any those "fillers" jamp straight into nuclear and finished with the firestarter/fuel my fire." - Mackin (Glasgow, UK)

  "The gig was great, they played this cool song, not rocky at all. And the other one, just Maxim on vocals was wicked. I don't know what happened with Dust YoSelf" - Weedabix (Leeds, UK)

  "They have changed the intro, not anymore the Army March one.
'Night Boat To Cairo' cover is pretty nice with a live trombone :-) The background was changed, a big gun, and maxim rocked the crowd" - PunkStar (Reading, UK)

  "Prodigy, at Leeds, left me quite confused. I haven't seen a Prodigy gig before but I went to it knowing they were famous for their energy. that's what i was excited about. I was ready for this amazing energy to sweep the crowd sending it wild. However, it seems I either don't know what energy is in terms of music or Prodigy just didn't have th energy on the day. I thought Prodigy's energy could be felt. I thought you could even get adrenaline rushes out of it. I was at front and I didn't get any of that.

  "Maxim warned during SMBU that the front row needed to prepare itself for some base but when it pumped out I hardly felt a thing or at least nothing more than I could get from the monotonous beats of the Chillout Zone. It actually seemed very fake. I thought this might be because they were playing at a festival and the sound setup didn't suit them or something or maybe the energy just didn't carry quite as well. In fact, they actually seemed too quiet or maybe that was because my ears had become adjusted to such a volume and therefore didn't receive it as fully. I honestly get more of a buzz from listening to an mpgs of breathe at Fugi Rock Festival in 98 and Their Law at Red Square." - robo65uk (Leeds, UK)



  THE PRODIGY have just closed this year's Reading Festival with a rabble-rousing mainstage performance. Playing the same set as they worked through on Friday (August 23) at Leeds, the three-piece played hits including 'Firestarter', 'Breathe' and their recent single 'Baby's Got A Temper'.
At one point Maxim had 10,000 fans jumping as one during 'Minefields'. They also again covered Madness' 'Nightboat To Cairo'.



  Click to play the original tune by Madness.
Thanks a lot to Mackin for the info and to Denox for the pics.