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  September 25, at 7 pm UK time 60 lucky fans had the chance to chat with the Prodigy. Very well moderated by Rockstar, the chat with the band was really nice, despite the fact there were 60 people asking all kind of questions.

  First they entered one by one : Liam, Maxim and Keith, but it was a total chaos, so they changed, Rockstar entered with the Prodigy name, and he picked up the users one by one in alphabetical order, to ask the Prodigy what they want, meanwhile the rest was waiting their turn.

  Dj Lectro was so kind to transcribe the screenshots to text. So thanks to him, here we are:

Keith: fucking bring it on

(got bombed with questions)

Maxim: stop !!!

Maxim: 007 - ask your question

Liam: hang on a sec

(They quittet and rejoined as "Prodigy")

Prodigy: ask question in the order in the list

Prodigy: 007 first

Prodigy: then 36363

Prodigy: ok ?

(007 didnt react, so they moved on...)

Prodigy: 36363 - your go

nikon: Is Leeroy Thornhill AKA Flightcrank going to appear on the new Prodigy album ?

Prodigy: nikon -no

36363: hi prodigy..... will you in the future ever do a gig/concert plying purely oldskool stuff??? like a one off...ever?

Prodigy: 36363 - come on then

Prodigy: yes. mayb ein Brixton

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: acid

acid: Hmm, ok, has to be, whats the next album? And hola :)

acid: single rather

Prodigy: we are still working on the next single

Prodigy: there are a couple of options

Prodigy: afroshox

afroshox: Hello guys! Hows the album coming along otherwise?

Prodigy: slow but cool

nikon: When will Liam Howlett release a Live CD of his own gig recordings to the public ?

Prodigy: when its right itll be released

Prodigy: alex

Alex: Hi! whats Liams biggest inspiration for the new album and is it going to be any darker than the previous ones?

Prodigy: ali i can say is that itll be more electronic

Prodigy: but still rockin

Prodigy: ant

Ant: Hi! Are you going to stage a concert in Poland?

Prodigy: next year, when the albums out

Prodigy: next

Atargon: Hello :) IM From France, And IVe Made 3 Mixes BGAT And 1 Of SMBU. I Have Contacted C.K. IM Waiting For Your Opinion. Congratulations For Your Working :)))

Prodigy: who is C.K. ?

Ataragon: Chandra

Prodigy: send all music to midi management

Prodigy: address on back of album

Ataragon: I Have Chipped The CD This Afternoon. Its OK.

Prodigy: dont listen to chandra

Bill: Hello there ! Are there any future Solo Projects from you guys ? Besides AONO ? What is it finaly about the No Souvenirs tune and 3D ? Thank u and respect !

Prodigy: nikon - ask your question

Bill: I thought it was my turn really

Prodigy: sorry bill, your go

Bill: Uh, I just posted it really

Prodigy: all solo projects will come after the next album

Prodigy: the no souvenirs track will be on the new album

Prodigy: next

bleek: What hardware/software are u mainly writing the new album in(does that include the original w30), and which track came first , Break and Enter or the Baby D - Cassanova remix (the breaking glass vs gunshot samples for percussion)?

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: Liam - I still use w30 and cubase and protools

Prodigy: break and enter came first

Prodigy: next

Brain: hey Liam, will you ever release a Prodigy GREATEST HITS album?

Prodigy: if we do it, it will be a remix singles album

007: with a dub mix?

Prodigy: yep

philchill: like selected mixes for the j g?

Prodigy: nexr

Prodigy: much better than j g

Ellefire: Will there be a lot of collaborations with other artists like the last album on the new album? Is it too soon to tell?

Prodigy: dabeeboy

Prodigy: a few collaboration but in a small way

Prodigy: like featured guitarists on one track

DaBeeBwoy: Hows your producing process, Liam?

Prodigy: and unknown vocalists on anothers

Prodigy: stop

Prodigy: thinking

prodigalONE: were going in order people

prodigalONE: relax

Prodigy: what do you mean by that ?

prodigalONE: im letting the people know how to ask questions

Prodigy: to beboy

DaBeeBwoy: well, some people need months to get a track written, constructed from the beginning to the end... others just wait for inspiration and get tracks done in one day

DaBeeBwoy: so whats the creative process like for you?

Prodigy: some tracks take a month to do and mostly the best ones are done in 2 weeks

Prodigy: and the worse ones take a year !

Prodigy: but are still relevant

Prodigy: next

DENOX: Hi guys, i love your music and Ild know if u r gonna play here, in Spain, next year, in any live festival like Festimad (Madrid) ??

Prodigy: yes, we will play there next year

Prodigy: when the new album comes out

Prodigy: well be everywhere next year

Prodigy: next

Djam: are some of the samples on the site gonna appear in some way on the album?

Prodigy: a couple of them are basis for new tracks

Prodigy: next

Djlectro: Hello Im from Denmark, and I was wondering if youll play in Denmark? -Do you know where - Roskilde? And I thought about if theres gonna be more solo material from each of you after the CD? And then what do you eat for breakfast? And my last question: (I know its a hard question) but is this gonna be your end???

Djlectro: youll play anywhere. Got that :)

Prodigy: what do you mean ?

Prodigy: the end of what >

Djlectro: the end of prodigy

Prodigy: as long as the buzz is still there well be going

Prodigy: next

DjSam: "Hi all of you. When or are you coming to Finland any time soon?

and Liam; do you have guitar chorts/riffs that you used in prodigys songs that you could give out to public?"

Prodigy: if you can find any melody or chords in the music, then good luck

phillchill: im about to lose my connestion, can i say my thing?

Prodigy: next

DOM: who will be #4 in your band?

djzub: will there be any DVD-release (making of...etc..etc..)???

Prodigy: phill - quick

phillchill: i just want to thank maxim for the glasses i won, they look cool on me :) thanks mate. Loved you all at reading.

Prodigy: respect

phillchill: thanks

Prodigy: dom - no replacement - pyramid shit going on

Prodigy: djzub

djzub: will there be any DVD-release (making of..etc..etc..etc)???

Alex: pyramid shit?

Prodigy: yeah, with the album

Prodigy: alex - 3 members

Prodigy: dpac

DPaC: Hi, are you guys going to tour in The Netherlands, preferably Limburg? ever? & Liam - ever used an Amiga or SID for music?

Prodigy: nope

Prodigy: next

dufe: Liam: (and others) Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the Music. You say that no souvenirs, a track completed nearly 2 years ago, deserves its place on the new album. Yet a song written within the past year- BGAT, probably wont be on the new album. How can a song written a few years back still have that vibe you want to fit into the album?and, can you tell us anything about no souvenirs we dont know yet? Thanks guys..

Prodigy: dufe - i think no souvenirs is timeless,

Prodigy: whereas BGAT was locked in the old sound

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: ellefire

Ellefire: Ive already asked

Prodigy: next

EugeneZ: Hi! Will there be a b-side on the next single? Who would you want to do a remix for you?

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: we dont know ywt, we still deciding which track is the next single

Prodigy: next

evans: what do you say to the likes of nme who slag of your music (bgat) and basically say you have lost it? eugene lock and load when

Prodigy: that is one mans opinion

Prodigy: Maxim - I dont read reviews any more

Prodigy: keith - the prodigy have always had a bad press up and down over the years

Prodigy: the nme just jump on new shit now anyway

Prodigy: next

FinalX: Is the album gona be long... like jilted ??? R there any instrumental tracks?? Are u coming to Portugal next year??

Prodigy: 10 - 11 tracks

Prodigy: With some instrumentals

Prodigy: sorry its taken so long

Prodigy: next

phillchill: what song is going on the nme album?

Prodigy: Firestarter

Djlectro: We are willing to wait for a good (worked on) album

Prodigy: lol

Prodigy: flinty

fLiNtY: Why is the earth round ? Joking.. here is my question :

Prodigy: go

fLiNtY: Hi guys, I would like to know if there is any tracklisting of your new album, and how many tunes are ready for the album really ? What about the Gallegher collaboration (worked on fine with the chemical brothers). And, will u use this site to comunicate to your fans (chat guestbook) ?

Prodigy: early next year, well be bits on the site

Prodigy: 20 seconds or so for you to hear

Prodigy: next

FreakoftheForest: I did enjoy on BGAT your excess of layers of noise and different samples and a random one-time shit goin on, great shit. cant wait to hear whats to come. best luck on the rest of the album, seems like its shaping up to have a good variety of vibes...

FreakoftheForest: oh and do you plan on doing anything further with we do what the fuck we want? i really like that tune

Prodigy: it was mainly a live tune

Prodigy: but anything is still possible

Prodigy: in this experimental stage

Prodigy: next

GhAuDy: Hi Liam, Keith and Liam: Will you release the Dirtchamber Sessions Vol.2 after AONO?

Prodigy: hi

Prodigy: yeah

Prodigy: next

Gustav: Hi there i just wanna say that ive bin a fan since late 93 and love fire =)....will u make a lot of songs for the new album and then make a cut and if so will those song be released?

Prodigy: what do you mean by cut ?

Gustav: well make a lot of songs and then sort some of em out cause they dont fit like BGAT but beside that one

Prodigy: yeah, usually 15 songs are recorded

Prodigy: and then we choose the best 10

Prodigy: if we do BGAT itll be totally reworked and remixed

Prodigy: next

HacKnight: Liam, when you make a song, what do you usually start with (rhythm/melody/etc) and where do you go from there? Im somewhat of a musician myself (14 years classical piano) and Ive always been hooked on everything electronic. Last year, I picked up a Korg Triton and the Electribe S. You guys are a huge influence and inspiration, keep up the amazing work!

Prodigy: Breathe started from the baseline

Prodigy: firestarter started from the drums

Prodigy: SMBU started with the vocal

Prodigy: every tune is different

Prodigy: next

htp: hi, what are your favorite albums or to which bands do you listen mostly at the moment ?

Prodigy: N.O.R.E. album is dope

Prodigy: Neptunes produced shit

ftyfty: Will you still paly Poison ?

Prodigy: good shit

jam: any chances that those livetracks (benny blanco, the newer ones,etc) become bsides? we want bsides! :p maxim, keith: any details about your new albums?

Prodigy: yeah of course

Prodigy: next

Jilted: Hi there you music Gods, you have always managed to surprise your fans with the evolution you make from TFOTL as TFOTL was different from MFTJG(and so on)? thanks I hope I hear from you guys for many years to come :) and dont forget to keep that special vibe alive

Prodigy: stop

Prodigy: jam - Benny Blanco should be a B side

Prodigy: were all bringing them out after the Prodigy album

Prodigy: next

Jilted: Hi there you music Gods, you have always managed to surprise your fans with the evolution you make from album to album, so do you think AONO will be as different from TFOTL as TFOTL was different from MFTJG? thanks and I hope I hear from you guys for many years to come :)

Prodigy: all we want to try and do is make the music rock for us

Prodigy: and we dont get drawn into whether its a huge step forward/backwards or not

Prodigy: poison - yes

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: john

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: marcel

John: Hi, do you read the forum?

Marcel: you said the new album is to be expected more electronic, but will there be stuff like ska as well? according to the release of ghost town, i mean. im a big ska-fan..;). besides, i really hope youre coming soon to switzerland, im desperate to see you live. big respect to all of you guys!

Prodigy: john - go

john: you releasing ghost town?

Prodigy: yeah

Prodigy: marcel

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: ghosttown is not on the Prodigy album

Prodigy: but on the Warchild album

Prodigy: ftfty - who hasnt

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: next

missmolotov: thanks for doing what you do, and carrying on, i love your music. is there any chance that Leeroy will ever come back and do guest work? it was really sad when he left, because of everything you had said about being a unit of 4 people. and why did you release BGaT as a bridging gap? are you doing any UK tour and are going to make it down to devon? id love to see you in a concert not just a festival. (sorry that was a bit long)

MasterDX: Hi! - this is completed new website, or maybe it will look the same? When are you plan have a visit to Israel and Russia? Have you ever listen to The Second Division remixes of your tracks? and the last one, can i make official remix on the "Weather Experience"? Big big respect!!!

Prodigy: miss - wait a sec

Prodigy: master dx - your go

Prodigy: send all remixes to XL and attn. them to me (Liam)

Prodigy: miss - now

missmolotov: thanks for doing what you do, and carrying on, i love your music. is there any chance that Leeroy will ever come back and do guest work? it was really sad when he left, because of everything you had said about being a unit of 4 people. and why did you release BGaT as a bridging gap? are you doing any UK tour and are going to make it down to devon? id love to see you in a concert not just a festival. (sorry that was a bit long)

Prodigy: we miss Leeroys vibe, but it has to always be about the music first

Prodigy: and Leeroys very happy doing what hes doing right now

Prodigy: we still see him

ftyfty: and will you paly in Poland in future ?

Prodigy: miss - (from Liam) I think your name is cool and can I use it !

Prodigy: well be touring everywhere next year !

missmolotov: liam - go ahead :) just give me a mention hehe ;) (im Amy)

Prodigy: but we dont know when yet

Prodigy: next

miwant: 1. whats your opinion about that rnb hype, why did you play Aalliyah on a dj session? 2. KEITH: you NEVER EVER thanked me for the great spliff I gave you during the pukkelpop gig last year, rude bastard! 3. Why have you stopped wearing those nose rings, maxim and liam?

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: rnb is american pop music

Prodigy: just about money

Prodigy: Aaliyah wasnt rnb

Prodigy: it was a dope street track

Prodigy: produced by Timberland

Prodigy: next

stebet: Will you leave on schedule or take questions from everyone before you leave.. im getting rather nervous here

Prodigy: well answer everyones questions

MoogProdigy: Hello Liam,keith and Maxim!!!,i listened Prodigy when i had only 9 years old and now i have 15 years old,I am spanish, sorry if i write bad English,....i have a Casio-Ctk40 or 411 and turntables and mixes tables...Liam,i would like make music about you,and,I make music instrumental for Hip Hop for any people and any songs of Break, but i dont like very much my tracks of Break,but i maked any compositions of piano and organ, but i like start make music abot you all,do you can say to me a sinter o other equips for start this??...if i mke any song i will send to you??Do you come to Secille? ...Thanks Liam and prodigy..i wait we will see soon again...thank you...

mjj: What is the tracklist of that "10 track demo tape"???????????????

Prodigy: we cant remember all of them but there was spacehopper, everybody, android, charley, we gonna rock

Prodigy: moog - thinking

Prodigy: keep writing music, Moog

acid: put spacehopper on this website for your fans :)

Prodigy: it might be quite funny to put some old demos on the site

Pioneer: would be wicked!

Prodigy: ok well do it

john: ill sleep with every man in here if you do

Prodigy: ok then

Prodigy: MrProdigy, your go again

MrProdigy: Are there any hidden dvd features on the bgat single-dvd ? And you said earlier that it would be a dvd with the new album right? Will this be a live dvd? thnx.

Prodigy: nope, maybe next time

Prodigy: mixture of both

Prodigy: murray - go

Murray: Hi, saw you guys at Glasgow and you rocked the shop! I was wondering where Keith learned to dance? And Liam could you make me a tape? (if youve got any time to spare)

Prodigy: Liam - want a tape or the finish album ?

Prodigy: Keith - i cant dance

Prodigy: next

narayangr: hey guys greetings from athens -- we saw u here back in 99... having such a successful past what r the responsibillities of a band like u when it comes to the nearest future and the 4th LP with your fans waiting ? we e waiting 4 u in greece --- hey LIAM dont play tomb raider, we want THE ALBUM IN MARCH!!!!! :) respect

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: were in a band to not have responsibilties

Prodigy: next

Nifty: What are you wearing now?(clothes) Keith what is your hair color now? Liam, what is your favorite band/singer?. Maxim - whats your favorite scary movie? Guys you are the greatests.

Prodigy: jeans

Prodigy: black and red

Prodigy: hair

Prodigy: Mc N.O.R.E.

Prodigy: Aliens

fLiNtY: Korn ?

Prodigy: next

nikon: Something i noticed in Liams studio is that in front of his Apple monitor he has a picture of him Keith & Maxim. Maybe for inspiration ? Can we be expecting Prodigy on other upcoming compilations in 2003 and beyond ? Whos that girl at the end of your (Demo) mix ? Any chance of doing tracks with the vocalist from Experience on the next album?

Prodigy: Korn are shite

Prodigy: Korn wanted to work with us maybe

Prodigy: but not us with them

Prodigy: the music is too down

Prodigy: for me (Liam)

Prodigy: stop !

Prodigy: what, Dirtchamber ?

Prodigy: Ive got a picture of my dog in the studio

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: go

nuclear: do you get harassed by fans often?

Prodigy: no

Rowan: Im going to be disconnected in 30 seconds and Ive been on here for 2 hours please answer and someone remember the answer for me. Hi. I saw you at Leeds this year. How would you rate your performance at Leeds Festival in terms of crowd response or whatever?

Prodigy: just hand shakes and respect

Prodigy: rowan - quick

Prodigy: leeds was the worst out of the 3

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: oken - go

oken: ok, respect for doing this chat. tell us about the new intro you played at reading, glasgow and leeds, i thought it was wicked. is it gonna be a full track?

Prodigy: well ask you questions when weve got through the list
Prodigy: we like it and well work on it for album track or B side

Prodigy: nex

Prodigy: t

Pioneer: Heya :) You guys are total legends.. Even tho its 5am here it was worth staying up to the talk to yas. Q: You played a slower version of BGAT at the BDO in aus this year.. are there any plans at all to release that version sometime (wether as Bside or whatever)? that rocked - Also which of your new (live) material do yous personally like the best?

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: that version of BGAT was still in its early stages

Prodigy: and wont come out

Prodigy: next

posse: Hi guys. Love your music. Will there be songs that is just instrumental on the new album? (like Climbatize)

Prodigy: pioneer - Liam likes Nuclear, Maxim, the intro, Keith, Trigger

Prodigy: yeah a few

prodigalONE: I had a chance to meet you guys with Damon at vegas, Maxim rocked shit on Dust Yoself. Liam: You mentioned that you made tracks under another name, can you let us know what some of those tracks are??? oh and buy the clipse album if you like NORE...And congrats on the marriage =P

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: reading

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: (Liam) I did under a different name, but Im not going to tell you

Prodigy: next

ProdigyEdgeMaster: I just wanna say I saw you in Coachella and you were awsome as always...I just wanna ask how did it feel to play in America again and will you tour here again in the future? (just wanna make sure) Respect my friends

Prodigy: Edge - it was our favorite gig in a while

Prodigy: and well be back in America

Prodigy: to tear it up

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: go

Prodigy: rizla - go

rizla: The Prodigy: We realy enjoyed Reading set and got completly mashed what happened and was it good for you guys did u like the crowds reaction to you? Will u play Glastonbury ever again? Do u like Foo Fighters? is wales on your tour list and were??

Prodigy: Reading - we put a lot ghosts to rest for the last time we played

Prodigy: Glastonbury - yeah

Prodigy: Foo Fighters are cool

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: simon - go

Prodigy: simon ?

Prodigy: next

Spence: liam , where did you sample them breakdown of beats and japanese fight dialogue, played before the live version of firestarter

Spence: And also any chance of some gigs in essex ?, a show in colchester would be wiked

Prodigy: the dialogue came from the Wu-Tang films (not the band)

Prodigy: next

steady: hi guys , i was the first to crack lock n load ( evans was 2nd) do we get out ? haha wanted to get that in ,would you ever consider playing in my hometown HULL(uk), we had oasis play a couple month ago , and the venue they played held 3,500 ( a good number for a prodigy gig )..........i asked maxim before , but he didnt know were hull was , so put us on the map boys! :) and play scienide just once live so ellefire can die happy

Prodigy: yeah maybe next year

Prodigy: (Maxim) Hulls near Amsterdam isnt it ?

Bill: Maxim, he said uk !

Prodigy: next

infliCteD: Liam of the concerts of the Big Day Out, for you which(who) to been the best concert? (Adelaida, melburne ...)

stebet: I hope you guys will come to Iceland and check out the chicks and play us a few track while youre at it, once the new album is finished. Liam: Have you thought about taking Quarashi with you on tours now that theyve gained some more popularity, since you really seemed to like them after they warmed up for you guys the last time you played here in Iceland? Keith: Will you use the toy guitar you used on the jamtrack for NME "thankyou" video on any tracks for your solo project. It had such a great sound to it, and your singing rocked :)? And Maxim: Did you ever happen to give Jamiroquai the Icelandic Wool sweater you were thrown at Uxi 95 to wear on his head. And did you ever find the proud original owner? And a last one to everyone: What is your opinions on mp3s and people swapping them around like S.T.Ds

Prodigy: best gig of BDO was was Melbourne

Prodigy: reading

Prodigy: reading

Prodigy: reading

Prodigy: we love Iceland and Quarashi

Prodigy: (keith) no

Prodigy: (Maxim) yeah, hes got it in his Lambourghini as a seat cover

Prodigy: next

thomas: i hope youll still come back to belgium after that beach rock(youre to expensive to hire for an hour of personal excitement)? which electronic acts do you still find relevant? favorite snowboard-spots? liam: how would your music sound like if you would quit the prodigy? what happened to the nose rings, liam and maxim? and miwant is really pissed about that joint keith! cheers...

Prodigy: snowboard spots - Colorado

Prodigy: acts - The Prodigy

Prodigy: next

Prodigy: thomaz - go

Prodigy: Tino - go

Tino: I hear and love your music since i was 14 years!I hope to see you soon Live in Germany!And i hope that the new album lets my Girlfriend scream again!She hates your Music!!Respect to you and good luck for the next "I hope 50 Years!"

Prodigy: cheers

Prodigy: next

Tristan: have you got an advise to give to a young man that is starting producing music?when did you exactly start djing and producing musik liam? Whats the second song you played at alexandra palace (2000.12.31)pleaz try to remember!!or put the name on this site!it s an incredible track!!!!! try to come to warsae!not only to katowice!did you like playing in poland? why you dont like playing in france?you said youll play soon in Paris.When?What do you think about the system of a down?.

Prodigy: reading

Prodigy: (Liam) my memorys fucked

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: advice - perservere and be original and rock the bass

Prodigy: next

Vampire: Respect guys!!!!! What you can advise for beginning musicans? Its real to make a good music on PC ? Which music you listen last time? And I just wanna say.. Liam you are genious of sound!!!! I love you music!!!!!! With love from Russia :-))

Prodigy: use the guestbook

Prodigy: Vampire - thinking

Prodigy: to russia with love

Prodigy: next

zapunts: hi guys! im from PORTUGAL and im totaly fanatic for u and for ur music. what is your picture of portugal??like...what do u personaly think of portugal?i would like each of u share ur opinion.tks

Prodigy: thinking

Prodigy: (Maxim) nice holiday resort

Prodigy: (Liam) I like the rock formations !

Prodigy: (Keith) I like the big titty whores !

Prodigy: zero - go

zer07: have you enjoyed it in here? you gonna cum back on? when is lock and LOad done cuz we have the code (YAY) whats been your biggest influence for the new album and how is married life

Prodigy: well set another date in the near future

Prodigy: keep coming to the site for updates

(once again they got bombed with mails, since theyd answered everybodys questions)

Prodigy: right - stop

Prodigy: well ask you some now

Prodigy: STOP

ProdigyEdgeMaster: Prodigy-have you heard Linkin Parks album? What do you think of it?

Prodigy: Linkin Park - I like the the remix album

Prodigy: wait a sec !

Prodigy: do you like Nuclear?

(many, many fans wrote yes/no)

Prodigy: stop

Prodigy: reading !

Prodigy: stop

Prodigy: Nuclear is on the new album

Prodigy: no live tracks, maybe on B sides

Prodigy: what do you want to see on the site ?

(fans wrote: Pictures, live videos, music, etc.)

Murray: Prodigy, Remixes by fans wouldbe a good idea for the site. Mixes that arent quite enough to it onto a CD

Prodigy: Dan the Automator remixed No Souvenirs, but we didnt feel it was good enough

Prodigy: what do you want from tne next Prodigy album ?

(fans wrote: Pumping beats, good music, hardcore tunes, etc.)


Prodigy: who likes Liams vocal on Jilted ?

(refering to the intro of Poison. Fans wrote: "me". Etc.)

Prodigy: we do play poison


Prodigy: (Maxim) Plenty more

ProdigyEdgeMaster: Liam-how does it feel to be married?

Prodigy: married

Prodigy: thanks for coming, well be back soon

Prodigy: peace

Prodigy: out



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