FAQ About This Site

Who is the webmaster?
  Just a random Prodigy fan since 1994. I was born in Bucarest, Romania on November 17, 1976. I live and work in Italy since 1997, I did the web designer, web admin, but now I have a small business of mine. I'm a movie maniac, I love movies like The Matrix , Alien Quadrology, Fight Club, 25th Hour and many other good movies; my fav actors are Al Pacino and Edward Norton. My fav actress and the most beautiful girl in the world is Charlize Theron. I like sport cars, tunning and stuff ya know wot I mean, I had a beautiful Toyota Celica but sold it and bought my new Opel Astra Coupè.

Why are you doing this?
  For fun and for the fans. I love computers, internet and the Prodigy. A great combination to set up a website. And I always wanted to create something that would let me chat with many people, and meet new friends that like the same shit I do: Prodigy.

What's your secret technique?
  Give to the peeps what they want: free multimedia stuff and keep the website updated. Useless having a good looking site if your visitors will see the same shit every time they'll step by. Always invent things and cheer them up.

What programs are you using?
  Paintshop and Thumbs Plus for the pictures, Xing mp3 encoder for the mp3s, and Notepad for the html. I have never used Front Page or Dreamweaver for this site. I write the .html strings by my self using a blank text document, and I put the tables and the pics where I want them to be.

I want to crop a website of mine. Can I use your material?
  Use whatever you want, just mail me when you're done and lemme see your creation. just don't post links to my files, because my server goes down mostly because of leech.

Where is your archive? Where can I find all your Prodigy vids and mp3s?
  Nowhere. Download what you get and if you want more step by again.

How come I get username and password request when I try to download from your site?
  Because there are too many people in da house downloading. Try again later or the day after.

Sometimes the site is unavailable.. Can they shut you down because of the mp3s or something?
  No, they won't shut me down because the mp3s are commercially unavailable as the live videos. You will never see a Prodigy album or single that you can buy at the supermarket, uploaded on this site.



  FAQ about the Prodigy:

When is coming the new album or the new single?
  Nobody knows. Maybe sometime 2004.

Has Keith left the band?
  No way dude. Just having fun doing the band leader. He always wanted to sing, since 1994, and now he is doing his own stuff.

Why Leeroy left?
  There was no room for a dancer anymore. Since FOTL he was rarely on stage during the live shows. Therefore, he wanted to make public his music, so he left Prodigy.

How is gonna be the new album? Rock or electronic?
  Nobody knows. take a listen to Trigger, nuclear, Little Goblin and the misc fills from the 2002 gigs.



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