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Keith Flint is the "psycho somatic" of The Prodigy. He is part of the act that revs up the crowd by his antics on stage, such as whirling his head about in an odd fashion and running into several things, such as Gizz Butt, the speakers, and yes, even the crowd. Keith started becoming a leading role in The Prodigy ever since Firestarter came out in 1996, in which he sang the lyrics. Adolescent Keith didn't know right from wrong back in his days of high school, so he decided to drop out of school. As a result, his parents kicked him out of the house. He then went for a long trip in Africa, and when he came back he knew he had to dance. It seems that Keith was destined to be a manic dancer - after all, during his childhood he used to dance in his mum's kitchen to Led Zeppelin. During a series of dead-end jobs, long-haired 'hippy' Keith was often seen dancing at local raves during the 'M25' era of dance music. After having a good time with Leeroy, at a set played by a DJ by the name of Liam Howlett, he decides to get together with Liam, Leeroy and Sharky to form a band. For the most of his career in the Prodigy, Keith has had long dark hair (up until summer of 1995), although nowadays, he is more famous for his double-mohican hair-style which changes colours almost every week. Before this haircut, though, he did have a phase between the main two (summer - end of 95) where he had a simple short dyed punk haircut.

"I spent half the time shouting at people in the crowd anyway, so it was a natural progression from there really, getting it out from my mouth to express myself furhter. I don't think the lyrics are part of that expression, it's nice if they are thruthful to yourself, but that's not what it's more about the noise I make than what I am actually trying to say. The delivery is more important than the message. ---You can get very safe going on stage doing the same thing - I had been doing that for five years before 'Firestarter', and I was confident, comfortable. But starting vocals changed that - suddenly I was wondering what would happen. I was telling Liam it was not a problem, easy, but all the time I was shitting myself, but I went out and it went off straight away. ---I did a parachute jump just before that first vocals gig and in the plane getting ready to jum was a very similar feeling. The countdown to both was 'My word, what am I doing here?' When those first lyrics came out it was the same as leaping out of the plane. Amazing. ---It's not a character, it's me, driven by adrenalin and the amazing music. I enjoy being able to totally express myself, and the band is a good excuse to do that. It's not so much singing as vocal expression." KEITH

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