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"Look, at the end of the day, we do what we do because it suits us. Donít you think itís kind-of cool to have a band that offends MTV, that puts out a video that real fans have to dig around for, or stay up late to see? The point is to be true to yourself otherwise you may as well give up." KEITH

When, and if, I get to 65, Iíd like to say that I did everything - the lot. Iíd like to think I bedded loads of babes and lived out my ultimate sex fantasies. Iíd like to think Iíd been through every colour with my hair and everywhere that could have been pierced on my body and been pierced. Even if all my beloved tattoos have gone saggy by then, at least I can stand up and say, I did it. Anyhow, can you think of any other job I could do? My school results were terrible and I donít know how to wallpaper or do anything else.Without this group and this job,I could be making lives a little more miserable for everyone by being  the nasty one on the counter at a McDonaldís somewhere.Think about it. KEITH on himself.

"Each gig is an hour of madness, and afterwards I'm absolutely exhausted, shaken to bits. The adrenalin charge and energy needed are shattering." KEITH

"I spent half the time shouting at people in the crowd anyway, so it was a natural progression from there really, getting it out from my mouth to express myself furhter. I don't think the lyrics are part of that expression, it's nice if they are thruthful to yourself, but that's not what it's more about the noise I make than what I am actually trying to say. The delivery is more important than the message. ---You can get very safe going on stage doing the same thing - I had been doing that for five years before 'Firestarter', and I was confident, comfortable. But starting vocals changed that - suddenly I was wondering what would happen. I was telling Liam it was not a problem, easy, but all the time I was shitting myself, but I went out and it went off straight away. ---I did a parachute jump just before that first vocals gig and in the plane getting ready to jum was a very similar feeling. The countdown to both was 'My word, what am I doing here?' When those first lyrics came out it was the same as leaping out of the plane. Amazing. ---It's not a character, it's me, driven by adrenalin and the amazing music. I enjoy being able to totally express myself, and the band is a good excuse to do that. It's not so much singing as vocal expression." KEITH "I'd spent years expressing myself with my body and suddenly I had the chance to express myself with my voice." KEITH

"At he end of the day, if people find me scary, fuck 'em" KEITH

"Sometimes after only three hours sleep I have a little grizzle but I very rarely bite back." KEITH

"I enjoy being able to express myself and the band is the perfect way of doing that." KEITH

" I can't go out on stage and have glow sticks waved at me! That's not representative of anything!" KEITH


"'Firestarter' was like that. Keith heard the track as an instrumental and thought it was wicked and said he couln't wait to dance to it on stage. He sat there for a while and then said 'I would love to put some vocals on this'. We put the actual vocals down in a London studio, and I can't explain the feeling me and Keith got that night, driving home listening to the tape, playing it over and over again. I knew then it was original, that I had achieved something." LIAM on Keith.

The bloke is a complete lunatic. When I met him (Keith) five or six years ago, he was driving round in this battered up old Ford Escort and there was one night we went out doing three-point turns in the snow, off our faces on E and mushrooms. Iím not saying this was acceptable behaviour in fact it was fucking stupid but itíll give you an idea of where our heads were at at the time. LIAM on Keith.

"The firestarter is in him, there's something locked deep and dark inside Keith which drives him forward." LIAM on Keith.

When asked about having "Inflicted" tattooed on his stomach:

"I thought I was lying on a stone altar being scarred. I could see a fire and all these tribal rituals going on."

After talking about the feeling of exploding while performing on stage:

"One of these days, at the end of a show, I'm gonna blow myself to bits."

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