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First Look: DOOM III
A three page preview of the presentation that show to those lucky few at E3 2002. The articles goes into depth about technogy used and details about what they saw. [Read More]

Activision's DOOM III press release
"DOOM III will change what people expect to see and experience in a PC game," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We couldn't be more psyched about DOOM III, and are thrilled to debut the title at E3 with Activision. Get ready to be terrified." [Read More]

Do Developers Owe us Anything?
The Sinic adds another thought provoking article which begs the question or wether or not gamers deserve screenshots and updates of games being created. [Read More]

Doom 3 Possibly the worst idea in the history of gaming- By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler
No, I shouldn't, and I'll tell you why. Because everything that made Doom the magical catalyst for the first person shooter genre no longer applies. There are three main strikes against the game right from the outset, all of which are nearly insurmountable. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Doom 3 might be amazing, but it's highly unlikely." [Read More]

November issue of PC Gamer. "You had to be at Quakecon" article on the new Doom
"...While id is remaining tight-lipped about the background details of the new Doom gameplay, Willits did confirm the inclusion of "other NPCs [who] will behave like characters in other FPS games. The original game had no one else in the world; the new Doom story has other characters in it, but hey aren't playing along side you." [Read More]

Thrrrpptt! from Gamespy gives the details about the DOOM video shown at Quakecon 2001
"...In the video's most vivid scene, the "Pinky" demon (which, by the way, is not so pink in his new incarnation) slithers across a tile floor while a halogen lam swings from overhead, casting real-time shadows. Pinky finds a bloody and bloated cadaver on the ground, and slowly begins to tear great hunks of flesh from it. As the camera rotates overhead, the corpse's blood begins to spread in a great puddle and trickle down a rusty drain. "This stuff is great!" exclaimed our host. ..." [Read More]

The Sinic gives his opinion on the fall and hopeful rebirth of Single Player Games
"...Now quickly ask yourself how many single player games have you really enjoyed in the past few months? Me personally, I would put Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Soldier of Fortune on that list. But were these really excellent single player experiences? Sure they were good, but both games can be easily completed in less than 10 hours. In fact, I finished Elite Force in less then six hours. SIX HOURS?!?..." [Read More]

More Doom to be shown at this years Quakecon (2001)
Gamespot have posted an article stating that id Software will be showing off some more Doom goodliness at this years Quakecon Held in Mesquite Texas from Aug 9 - Aug 12.

Developers Discuss Doom
Doom Center has a nifty feature called Developers Discuss Doom featuring comments from over twenty developers including Tom Hall, Dan Kramer, Bill Vandervoot, Andy Taylor, and many more from some of the top development studios in the world. Check it out.

Broussard on DOOM III Presentation
3D Realms' President George Broussard has updated his .plan file with a few paragraphs of praise for id Software's John Carmack and his recent DOOM III engine showing.

Carmack on DOOM III and Geforce3
id Software's very own John Carmack has updated his .plan with a recount on his very recent trip to Macworld and Tokyo.