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GameSpot Video Interview
Gamespot has this 66 meg video interview with id software CEO Todd Hollenshead and level designer Christian "Xian" Antkow. The video has the two discussing DOOM III after the E3 showing. [Gamespot Download Page]

A Chat With id Software Part 2
The second installment of their interviews with id Software. This time they quiz both Fred Nilsson and Christian Antkow. Topics include background information, their roles in working on DOOM III, working with Trent Reznor, and how they feel about people's reactions to the DOOM III demo at E3. [Read]

A Chat with id Software Part 1
GameSpy has posted an interview in their on-going coverage of DOOM @ E3. In this first installment they sit down and discuss the tools of DOOM III with Robert Duffy and the Jan Paul van Waveren from id Software team. Topics include how the editor will now be built into the game, changes to the BSP process, and working with the new engine compared to the old one. [Read]

John Carmack interview at GameSpy
GameSpy conducts an interview with id Software guru John Carmack. They talk about the development of the new DOOM III engine, how various video cards should perform, and even building rockets! [Read]

John Carmack interview at Gamers.com
The folks at Gamers.com have recently put up an interview with id Software's John Carmack. The interview covers numerous topics, especially the most anticipated topic - Doom III. [Read]

Jim Dosť interview
This Jim Dosť interview from the Mean Arena, will fill you in on what Jim does on his own time, and how things are going with the new DOOM game. [Read]

Daily Radar Doom 3 Interview with Jim Dosť
Not alot revealed but still worth the read. [Read]

The Mean Arena Doom 3 interview with Fred Nilsson

Newcomer to id Software, Fred Nillsson talks about the technology and animation used for the new Doom game and about his new surroundings at id. [Read]