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Some would say "He IS the Prodigy", but Liam would disagree. Certainly, this guy does write most of the music, and leads the way. But he has stated that the Prodigy would be nothing without the other members. As a child, Liam began listening to ska and 2-Tone music, before getting into the world of hip-hop, during his teenage years. He was so into hip-hop that he managed to join a local band called 'Cut 2 Kill', but got kicked out later on, after a disasterous record deal and friction with the other members. After checking out a rave for the first time, Liam started afresh as a rave DJ at The Barn in Braintree. It was there he met Keith and Leeroy, and the rest is history! Liam used to live in the Essex village of Cressing. Earlier this year, Liam, along with Keith Flint, moved out of their Braintree homes, after being plagued by obsessive fans, into converted £1,000,000 houses, in a rural area just a few miles away from Braintree. Their new homes are to be surrounded by a six-foot high fence.

To see Liam live is like seeing God his/herself, but instead of creating miraculous human beings, he creates sounds that flow into your viens, into your blood stream, and into your mind as you think, how in the freaking hell does he do it? I'll tell you how he does it. He's got what many would die to have: a mind that won't stop making great music. He dislikes it when people call Prodigy a techno band. He's clarified that enough times. As he states, Prodigy is it's own sound, though the music still remains punk/dance music.

"Ninety percent of the songs represent a certain time in my life of going out--it wasn't difficult to choose the music." LIAM on Dirthchamber Sessions vol.1

"I was 15. I basically just did it for myself in my bedroom and I spent like a year just learning the techniques, going to mixing competitions watching people, listening to stuff and just picking it up. And then I think I entered a couple of mixing competitions. I entered a mixing competition on a London radio station and entered a mix under one name and two weeks later I thought no, it has these bad points, Iím gonna do another one. So I entered another mix under another name and I came first and third with both those mixes. It just took off from there. But I never thought Yeah, I want to be in this big band!" LIAM

"I'm fascinated with aggressive music on a street level. We draw from all corners of rock 'n' roll history, hip hop, dance, punk, whatever, and spit it out as the Prodigy sound. The live element allows us to take it one step further, to really connect with the crowd and bring out a darker side to the band. It will always remain important to me to create something raw and unpolished." LIAM

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